A spring quarter in the life of RIT

When I started this website as an experiment in March, little did I know that the biggest story of the quarter would be the trials and tribulations of the publication that got me started in journalism. It just happened.

Nor did I know the new Student Information System would become the topic of so much acrimony. But it did.

What I did know was that I planned to cover what was happening as it happened. And, with a few exceptions, I did. 45 posts and 23,500 pageviews later, I can call the experiment a success.

Here are the stories that helped make it so:

The Many Predicaments Of Reporter

April 3 — Distorter cover changed at administrator’s request, profanity removed, prints discarded
April 9 — An escalating series of unfortunate events, how Distorter lost a cover
April 20 — Reporter retracts “plagiarized” stories, writer fired, two editors resign
May 2 — Traditional print era ends at RIT lab, press to be sold, future unclear for Reporter

The Much Unloved New SIS

March 28 — New SIS introduced to students, registration to become “enrollment”
April 1 — Frustrated by new SIS headaches, students create software cure
April 10 — Dueling online campaigns wage battle over perception of new SIS
April 18 — Destler weighs in on new SIS controversy
April 20 — Open letter author calls Destler’s new SIS response “frustrating”
April 25 — Destler on new SIS: send me the complaints

A Student Government Election

March 23 — On social media, SG campaign steams ahead, unofficially
March 27 — Santiago running for SG president
April 14 — For seat in SG senate, the toughest opponent may be nobody at all
April 25 — SG debate video now online
April 27 — Taylor and Sarah win SG president, VP

Plus Some Other Stuff

March 16 — Broadcast by broadcast, here’s how RIT umbrella scare began
March 26 — 48 hours and a business plan later, contest molds startup ideas
April 30 — Next year, TE3 could run in afternoon, go to Park Ave., charge fare

I don’t know what next year will bring for RIT or this site, but I hope to get more people involved. If you’re interested in that, send me a note at chris@infinityquad.com with a sample of work.

Till then, happy trails.


Imagine RIT attracts crowd, covered by photojournalism students

An estimated crowd of 35,000 people came to campus yesterday for the fifth annual Imagine RIT, according to organizers.

Thumbnails from RIT Image Nation.

Spectators of all ages milled about as students demonstrated robots, canons, websites and other creative or innovative endeavors.

If you want to live or relive the experience, a class of photojournalism students published a rad photo album on the web.

Check it out: RIT Image Nation


Next year, TE3 could run in afternoon, go to Park Ave., charge fare

A sign marks the TE3 stop at the Park Point Barnes & Noble. Under a proposed plan, the stop could be eliminated next year.

The Tiger East End Express (TE3) may gain a stop on Park Ave., lose two stops on campus, run for an additional period in the afternoon and cost money to ride.

Those possibilities for next year were discussed at a Student Government senate meeting Friday in an informal session led by Phil Amsler, SG vice president.

The current route, which began as a trial in early January, has seen an explosive surge in use, sometimes requiring three articulated buses running at the same time to carry the hundreds of students heading to Rochester’s East End.

The bus begins by looping around campus at 9 p.m. Saturday, then ferries students to a single stop on Pitkin St. and East Ave. until 2 a.m.

But the 9 p.m. trip serves relatively few riders, so Amsler proposed ending service at that hour and starting at 10 p.m. Senate seemed to agree, or at least didn’t object.



Report: Questions remain unanswered in George DeLaney’s death

DeLaney's faceOn the one year anniversary of George DeLaney’s death near a small town in the Southern Tier of New York,  Andrew Poole of the Hornell Evening Tribune does an admirable job recounting the strange circumstances of the student’s disappearance.

Among the story’s highlights: the Monroe County Coroner couldn’t find a cause of death; while wondering lost, DeLaney called a female friend from high school, who he hadn’t spoken to in months, 10 times; and nobody can explain why Delaney was found where he was. Like DeLaney’s disappearance, the story concludes with questions that may never be put to rest.

Read the story: Found in Cohocton, questions persist in disappearance of Rochester Institute of Technology student George DeLany


Report: Visionaries in Motion Ends

The popular speaker series Visionaries in Motion will end its four-year run this spring, after being cancelled by school administrators late last year, according to a story by Steven Markowitz in this week’s Reporter. Members of the series’ advisory board have reportedly been given no explanation for the cancellation, but suspect the reason may be financial.

The series brought a wide range of talented speakers to RIT: from behavioral economist Dan Ariely, to internet humorist Ze Frank; from futurist Ray Kurzweil, to artist Stefan Sagmeister; from tax reporter David Cay Johnston, to biomedical animator Drew Berry.

Audiences watched the tiny whirring clockwork inside a human body, they applauded as a man argued for higher taxes, they laughed at a send up of airline safety and they had their minds blown by the predictable irrationality of the mind. Along the way, the series explored the connections between science, art, technology and humanity.

Read the story: Visionaries in Motion Cancelled


A beautiful day to tweet


On campus today, it seemed you couldn’t escape signs of the weather’s good turn. On Twitter, much the same story: From rejoicing in new-found freedom, to lamenting summer fashion choices; from petting animals, to playing field sports; from grilling hot dogs, to dodging insects — RIT soaked up the first full day of spring, then tweeted about it. You can read a selection of those tweets after the jump.