Taylor and Sarah win SG president, VP

The results are in. Taylor Deer, fourth year Business Management major and greek senator, is set to be the Student Government president next year, while his running mate, second year finance major and Director of Student Relations Sarah Thomas is set to be vice president.

Deer and Thomas in a
campaign photo.

After the results were announced at a senate meeting today, Deer lifted Thomas off the ground in a hug as senators applauded in a standing ovation.

The pair received a little less than 61% of the vote, while challengers Victor Santiago and Mark Leonardo II got a little more than 29%.



SG debate video now online

For those undecided as the Student Government election enters a third day, the above video of the presidential debate could be just the ticket.

The entire affair, produced by SG and posted yesterday, runs an hour and a half and gets terribly dry at points, but also provides a clear comparison of how the candidates respond under pressure.

I recommend grabbing a cartonful of free SG popcorn, pulling up a plush Campus Center chair, and watching just enough to know who might be representing students next year.

Then, you can cast a vote for Taylor and Sarah or Victor and Mark sometime before midnight Thursday. Or, should neither side appeal, you can always vote Batman.


For seat in SG senate, the toughest opponent may be nobody at all

Across campus, banners festoon brick and fliers adorn drywall as candidates introduce themselves and the week seven election nears. For most senate races, though, any competitive sound or combative fury may signify little.

Of the 13 races for Student Government senate seats, two feature an unopposed incumbent, six feature an unopposed newcomer and two have so far attracted zero official candidates.

Only three senate races – College of Health Sciences & Technology, Kate Gleason College of Engineering and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf — so far promise a true contest between two or more candidates.



Santiago running for SG president

The Student Government election is beginning to heat up. On Friday, I reported on the unofficial candidacy of Taylor Deer and Sarah Thomas for SG president and vice president, as well as the rules that prevent reporters from talking to them just yet.

Yesterday, Victor Santiago, a fourth year graphic design major, and Mark Leonardo II, fourth year multidisciplinary studies major, threw their hats into the ring for the same positions. Neither currently holds an SG post, but their Facebook campaign page boasts heavy involvement in student life.

Expect more coverage of the contestants and the election as events unfold.


On social media, SG campaign steams ahead, unofficially

Taylor + Sarah campaign page on Facebook

The election is still in the “unofficial campaign” phase, but Taylor Deer and Sarah Thomas make no secret of their campaign for SG president and vice president.

If you had any doubts, just look at their Facebook page (pictured above); or their Twitter feed (@TaylorSarah2012); or attend the quick get together they planned to hold after the SG meeting today.

There, you’re free to find basic information — he’s greek senator and she’s director of student relations; he’s a fourth year business management major and she’s a second year finance major — ask questions directly of the candidates and get replies, read campaign promises, even watch minute-long endorsement videos.

According to SG bylaws, that kind of electronic and word-of-mouth campaign can start on the first day of spring quarter. The campaign can’t, however, post signs on campus or “advertise” through “RIT news services” until 5 p.m. April 3. That’s five hours after they receive an email saying their applications have been verified, and they can officially begin campaigning.