A spring quarter in the life of RIT

When I started this website as an experiment in March, little did I know that the biggest story of the quarter would be the trials and tribulations of the publication that got me started in journalism. It just happened.

Nor did I know the new Student Information System would become the topic of so much acrimony. But it did.

What I did know was that I planned to cover what was happening as it happened. And, with a few exceptions, I did. 45 posts and 23,500 pageviews later, I can call the experiment a success.

Here are the stories that helped make it so:

The Many Predicaments Of Reporter

April 3 — Distorter cover changed at administrator’s request, profanity removed, prints discarded
April 9 — An escalating series of unfortunate events, how Distorter lost a cover
April 20 — Reporter retracts “plagiarized” stories, writer fired, two editors resign
May 2 — Traditional print era ends at RIT lab, press to be sold, future unclear for Reporter

The Much Unloved New SIS

March 28 — New SIS introduced to students, registration to become “enrollment”
April 1 — Frustrated by new SIS headaches, students create software cure
April 10 — Dueling online campaigns wage battle over perception of new SIS
April 18 — Destler weighs in on new SIS controversy
April 20 — Open letter author calls Destler’s new SIS response “frustrating”
April 25 — Destler on new SIS: send me the complaints

A Student Government Election

March 23 — On social media, SG campaign steams ahead, unofficially
March 27 — Santiago running for SG president
April 14 — For seat in SG senate, the toughest opponent may be nobody at all
April 25 — SG debate video now online
April 27 — Taylor and Sarah win SG president, VP

Plus Some Other Stuff

March 16 — Broadcast by broadcast, here’s how RIT umbrella scare began
March 26 — 48 hours and a business plan later, contest molds startup ideas
April 30 — Next year, TE3 could run in afternoon, go to Park Ave., charge fare

I don’t know what next year will bring for RIT or this site, but I hope to get more people involved. If you’re interested in that, send me a note at chris@infinityquad.com with a sample of work.

Till then, happy trails.


Report: Scott McDonald takes plea deal

Scott McDonald, the RIT women’s hockey coach who hit a man in the jaw in December, pleaded guilty to harassment for that act on Thursday, according to 13WHAM.

Taylor Scott, a player on an opposing team, pressed assault charges after McDonald hit him during a recreational hockey game in Perinton, N.Y. The punch knocked out teeth and caused nerve damage.

The court ordered McDonald to pay restitution, according to the report, and will fully sentence him next month.

Read the report: RIT Women’s Hockey Coach Takes Plea Deal


Cookies chucked, a sticky situation, kleptomania

Each week, Public Safety releases a log of crimes reported on campus the previous week.

Last Monday
12 a.m. Grace Watson Hall. Unknown person stole property from a dorm room. The investigation continues.

12 a.m. – last Tuesday 12 a.m. Unknown person posted harassing ads to Craigslist. The investigation continues.

10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. University Commons. Unknown person entered an apartment, which may or may not have been locked, and removed property. The investigation continues.

12:33 p.m. Crossroads. A student stole property. The case was referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

7:58 p.m. A student reported his bike stolen. Officers looked for the bike nearby, but didn’t find it. The case is closed pending new leads.

8 p.m. – last Tuesday 12 p.m. Unknown person put an unknown adhesive in the key hole of a dorm room. The investigation continues.



Imagine RIT attracts crowd, covered by photojournalism students

An estimated crowd of 35,000 people came to campus yesterday for the fifth annual Imagine RIT, according to organizers.

Thumbnails from RIT Image Nation.

Spectators of all ages milled about as students demonstrated robots, canons, websites and other creative or innovative endeavors.

If you want to live or relive the experience, a class of photojournalism students published a rad photo album on the web.

Check it out: RIT Image Nation


A slut walk protests sexism

A crowd of modestly-dressed male and female students gathered near the Sundial on the residence side of campus this morning. One passed out a slip of paper with eight printed chants (#1. “Whatever we wear, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no”). Then they made their way toward the Kodak Quad, chanting and holding paper signs.

The protest was a slut walk, organized by the Student Advisory Board of the Center for Women and Gender.



Traditional print era ends at RIT lab, press to be sold, future unclear for Reporter

The Goss Sunday sits in the Printing Applications Lab today. It is slated to be shut down and sold.

For decades, RIT operated a massive printing press, a clattering behemoth stamping out thousands of high quality prints a minute. But those days will soon be gone, the press sold and the people who kept it in shape laid off.

That will deal a devastating blow to at least one customer, the weekly student-run Reporter, which may be forced to stop printing the full-color glossy magazine which gives the publication its unique style.

The magazine’s leaders were informed of the impending shutdown in a meeting earlier today. Alex Rogala, editor in chief of Reporter, said the impact of the move remains unclear.

“This would likely mean Reporter would have to distribute in reduced volumes, or solely online with a monthly or quarterly print issue,” he said in a statement.