A spring quarter in the life of RIT

When I started this website as an experiment in March, little did I know that the biggest story of the quarter would be the trials and tribulations of the publication that got me started in journalism. It just happened.

Nor did I know the new Student Information System would become the topic of so much acrimony. But it did.

What I did know was that I planned to cover what was happening as it happened. And, with a few exceptions, I did. 45 posts and 23,500 pageviews later, I can call the experiment a success.

Here are the stories that helped make it so:

The Many Predicaments Of Reporter

April 3 — Distorter cover changed at administrator’s request, profanity removed, prints discarded
April 9 — An escalating series of unfortunate events, how Distorter lost a cover
April 20 — Reporter retracts “plagiarized” stories, writer fired, two editors resign
May 2 — Traditional print era ends at RIT lab, press to be sold, future unclear for Reporter

The Much Unloved New SIS

March 28 — New SIS introduced to students, registration to become “enrollment”
April 1 — Frustrated by new SIS headaches, students create software cure
April 10 — Dueling online campaigns wage battle over perception of new SIS
April 18 — Destler weighs in on new SIS controversy
April 20 — Open letter author calls Destler’s new SIS response “frustrating”
April 25 — Destler on new SIS: send me the complaints

A Student Government Election

March 23 — On social media, SG campaign steams ahead, unofficially
March 27 — Santiago running for SG president
April 14 — For seat in SG senate, the toughest opponent may be nobody at all
April 25 — SG debate video now online
April 27 — Taylor and Sarah win SG president, VP

Plus Some Other Stuff

March 16 — Broadcast by broadcast, here’s how RIT umbrella scare began
March 26 — 48 hours and a business plan later, contest molds startup ideas
April 30 — Next year, TE3 could run in afternoon, go to Park Ave., charge fare

I don’t know what next year will bring for RIT or this site, but I hope to get more people involved. If you’re interested in that, send me a note at chris@infinityquad.com with a sample of work.

Till then, happy trails.